Our Services

We offer innovative, practical services that are designed to increase productivity and drive business improvement.

CEO Peer Mastermind Groups

We assist owners to achieve their potential through the creation of confidential peer advisory groups composed of noncompeting owners and leaders. Each council is designed to provide members with insights, perspectives, and constructive solutions to their problems and roadmaps to their opportunities through the experiences of their fellow peers. It is like “renting your own board of advisors.”

As an Certified LXCouncil License partner, we develop the right fit group for each CEO through our strategic alliances and unique discovery process, thereby ensuring the local CEO’s value in participating with true peers who are as committed as they are and bring something unique to the boardroom table.


Corporate Health & Wellness Program Services

For every dollar spent on employee health and wellness programs, employers receive three to four dollars in healthcare savings according to researchers at Brigham Young University. We provide a wide range of program support including design, implementation, and audit/assessment services. Let us help you create an effective health and wellness program that promotes a “culture of health” within your organization.

Group Presentations & Workshops

Our interactive, dynamic, and educational health, and wellness presentations/workshops are memorable and packed full of practical, valuable, and actionable advice. Perfect for company meetings, events, executive offsites, lunch-and-learns, and more! Sessions are customized to meet the specific needs of your employees and are delivered in-person or online.

Session topics include:

  • Making Health Your Hobby,
  • Stress Busters for Effectively Managing Stress,
  • Seven Ways to Keep Your Cardiovascular System Healthy,
  • Nine Ways to Keep the Body’s Inflammation in Balance,
  • Creating an Eight Week Health Plan,
  • and many more!

in·no·vate /ˈinəˌvāt/ verb

1. Make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products. "innovating new products, developing existing ones"