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Healthy employees provide for a happier, healthier, more productive workplace. Let us help you create a “culture of health” that improves the health of your employees and drives enhanced business performance.

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Practical Health and Wellness Associates offers high quality, scientifically-based educational programs, and services that support corporate/organizational health and wellness initiatives.

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Practical Health and Wellness Associates was created with a mission to provide organizations with a unique approach towards helping their employees achieve health and productivity through nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. Our goal is to help your organization establish a “Culture of Health” that improves the health of your employees and enhances business performance.

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Need help with improving the health and wellness of your workforce? We offer educational, coaching, and consulting services that are designed to increase employee productivity and reduce health-related costs.

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Their health and wellness are critical components to achieving a productive and performing organization.

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One year ago, today the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus a worldwide pandemic. As of today, the Johns Hopkins University has reported 29,155,093 US cases of coronavirus and, sadly, 529,267 US deaths. Everyone on the planet has been impacted in...

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Admittedly the phrase “JUST MOVE IT” doesn’t carry the flair and universal brand recognition of the Nike “JUST DO IT” slogan.  However, the “JUST MOVE IT” catchphrase may carry an even more important message to the American public. Sitting is the new smoking You’ve...

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