One year ago, today the World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus a worldwide pandemic. As of today, the Johns Hopkins University has reported 29,155,093 US cases of coronavirus and, sadly, 529,267 US deaths.

Everyone on the planet has been impacted in one way or another by this monumental crisis. My heart goes out to all those impacted by this virus, especially people who lost their lives, their loved ones, their health, and/or their livelihoods. The term “unprecedented times” has been thrown around by all of us over this past year. Given the impact of the virus, I think it’s not hyperbole to characterize these times as unprecedented. However, as we move toward recovery in March 2021 and beyond, maybe we can begin to reframe how we think of the term “unprecedented times.”

Reframe, Reclaim, & Refocus

As I reflect on the past year and look towards a future that includes vaccines, herd immunity, and life getting back to (a new) normal, I can’t help but think it is time to start reframing the term “unprecedented times.” For many of us, our day-to-day lives have changed dramatically. However, as I look back upon all the changes, not all of them are negative.

One positive change is that many of us have reclaimed one of our most valuable assets … time! For many of us, working from home has freed up 2, 3, maybe even 4 hours of time a day. That time was reclaimed primarily from unproductive, soul-sucking, planet-polluting commutes. Another positive change driven by the pandemic is a newfound awareness of the importance of maintaining our health and wellness.

As a health coach, I have to say it’s heartening to see our local sidewalks, streets, and trails filled with people who have decided to use their reclaimed time to focus on their health and wellness! I cannot recall a time where I have seen so many people running, hiking, biking, or simply out enjoying the great outdoors.

Make some good come of the bad

So, as we move forward in 2021, I hope that we continue to reframe how we think of these “unprecedented times” such that we see the opportunity to grow and improve. One way to do that is to refocus, at least a portion, of our time on building and maintaining our physical and mental health. If we increase our physical activity, eat better, and stress less, we are sure to realize some good out of these “unprecedented times.”

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Steve Reinhold is a Health Coach, Health Consultant, and Founder of Practical Health and Wellness Associates, helping companies and their employees establish a “Culture of Health.” If you are looking to improve the health and wellness of your corporate employees, please contact Practical Health and Wellness Associates to learn more.


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